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Ludwig endorsement for Tom Auf Der Axe

Tom teamed up with the legendary Ludwig Drums and will be playing a Ludwig drumkit exclusively from now on. We’ve already rehearsed with this new kit and it sounds and looks absolutely awesome.

“I’m very proud to be playing Ludwig exclusively from now on. It was about time to play with the best there is, as a lot of my favorite drummers do and did so in the past. Ludwig has the quality, the sound, the looks and the legacy!”

Pre-order your copy of the Venom-tribute now!

Summoning the Hounds of Hell poster
Remember we did Countess Bathory for a Venom-tribute called Summoning The Hounds Of Hell? It’s almost done!

It took a while but now the pre-orders have started. Evil Spell Records will be releasing this compilation on April 20th.

This is a vinyl-only release and it has us along with other Venom-worshipping maniacs like Midnight, Aura Noir, Burstin’ Out and many more .

We will probably put a few copies in our webshop in a while…but if you want to make sure you get your hands on a copy pre-order your copy at Evil Spell Records right now!

V/A - Summoning the Hounds of Hell (Venom tribute)