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Pre-order your copy of the Venom-tribute now!

Summoning the Hounds of Hell poster
Remember we did Countess Bathory for a Venom-tribute called Summoning The Hounds Of Hell? It’s almost done!

It took a while but now the pre-orders have started. Evil Spell Records will be releasing this compilation on April 20th.

This is a vinyl-only release and it has us along with other Venom-worshipping maniacs like Midnight, Aura Noir, Burstin’ Out and many more .

We will probably put a few copies in our webshop in a while…but if you want to make sure you get your hands on a copy pre-order your copy at Evil Spell Records right now!

V/A - Summoning the Hounds of Hell (Venom tribute)

Deaf Forever subscribers got our flexi-disc

Those wise enough to own a subscription to the great Deaf Forever Magazine, have received a special gift with this months issue, courtesy of Ván Records. We are very proud to be part of this nostalgic experience in a digital age where paper and vinyl have become less common. This collaboration is the embodiment of the aesthetics that are still alive in the metal-scene today.

Great gratitude goes to Deaf Forever Magazine and Ván Records!

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