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In cooperation with the lovely folks at our record label Ván Records, we now offer you this beautiful Heretic belt buckle. This beauty is 9 centimeters (3,5 inch) in diameter and weighs about 200 grams. We will send it to you in a nice black giftbox with some additional goodies.

The fine designed slab of heavy fucking metal has a 3D portrait of our infamous Morbid Maniac along with the words Gods Over Humans Slaves Under Satan. That’s that very popular song of ours, remember?

Your pants are never gonna fall from your ass again, unless you want them too, of course. You’ll look mighty fine in them jeans with this belt buckle right below your belly button.

Note: Heretic cannot be held responsible for damage to your guitar, bass guitar, girlfriend, boyfriend (or whatever floats your boat) by wearing this genuine piece of art.

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