V/A – Summoning The Hounds Of Hell


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Finally it’s here: Summoning The Hounds Of Hell, an awesome Venom tribute with us and a whole bunch of other cool bands. This tribute was released on vinyl only and is strictly limited to just a 1.000 copies. Every copy comes with a cool A2 poster.

We only have a few copies for sale, but you can also get this album at Evil Spell Records.

The tracklist is as follows:

Side At War With Satan:

  • Midnight – In League With Satan
  • Witchtrap – Black Metal
  • Whipstriker – Stand Up And Be Counted
  • Die Hard – Bloodlust
  • Heretic – Countess Bathory
  • Iron Curtain – Live Like An Angel
  • Omega – Die Hard

Side Black Metal

  • Aura Noir – Heaven’s On Fire
  • Burstin’ Out – Burstin’ Out
  • Bulldozing Bastard – Women, Leather & Hell
  • Quintessenz – 7 Gates Of Hell
  • Power From Hell – Schizo
  • Speedwolf – Witching Hour
  • Witchburner – Don’t Burn The Witch

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