A collection of Heretic stuff in the media and such.


September 2016

Interview with Popei (in Dutch)
Interview with Headbangers Zine (in English) 1 2 3

August 2016

Interview with Rock Hard (in German)

July 2016

Interview with Rockmuzine (in Dutch)
Interview with Xtreem Music (in Spanish)
Interview with Queens Of Steel (in English or in Spanish)

June 2016

Interview with Eindhovens Dagblad (in Dutch)
Interview with Midlands Rocks (in English)

May 2016

Interview with Eindhoven Rockcity (in Dutch)

January 2015

Interview with 3voor12 Eindhoven (in Dutch)
Interview with 3voor12 Eindhoven (in English)
Interview with Lords Of Metal (in English)


Underdogs of the Underworld

In German:
Silence Magazine
Metal Only
Hell is Open
XXL Rock
Crossfire Metal
Mega Metal
Rock Hard

In English:
Voices From The Darkside
Ave Noctum
Team Rock
Eternal Terror
Pest Webzine
Metal Invader

In Dutch:
Eindhoven Rockcity
Zware Metalen
White Room
Wings Of Death
Rock Tribune

In Norwegian:
Metal Norge

In Spanish:
Queens of Steel
Metal Brothers
Xtreem Music
El Comenta Mierda

In Finnish:

In Polish:
Chaos Vault

In Greek:
Rock Your Life

In Italian:
The Pit Of The Damned

Alive Under Satan

In German:
Metal Inside
Amboss Mag
FFM Rock
Virus Magazine #64
Deaf Forever
Time For Metal
Plastic Bomb
Metal Is Forever Alive

In Dutch:
3voor12 Eindhoven
Zware Metalen
White Room
Lords Of Metal
Wings Of Death

In English:
The Midlands Rocks
Antichrist Metalzine
Apochs Metal Review
Metal Temple
Team Rock
Metal Hammer
Classic Rock
Iron Fist

In Spanish:
Queens Of Steel

In Greek:

In Finnish:

In Malaysian:
Deaf Angel

In French:
VS Webzine

Heretic-Sabbat split

In Dutch:
Wings Of Death

It’s On

In Dutch:
Wings Of Death

Live reviews

October 2016

Rockmuzine about our releaseshow in Tilburg (October 1, 2016)

July 2016

Sturmglanz about our show at Under The Black Sun (July 1, 2016)

December 2015

Metalfan about our show at Eindhoven Metal Meeting
Eindhoven Rockcity about our show at Eindhoven Metal Meeting
Ghostcult Mag about our show at Eindhoven Metal Meeting
Lords of Metal about our show at Eindhoven Metal Meeting

October 2015

Lords of Metal about our show at Incubate

June 2014

Rock Hard Magazine about our show at Hellfest (June 22, 2014)
Lagrosse Radio (France) about Hellfest
Metal Sickness about Hellfest
Deaf Forever Magazine about Hellfest
Some really cool live-photos taken at Hellfest
Deaf Angel about Hellfest
Metal Krant about Hellfest

May 2014

Dutch Distortion about our show in Baroeg (Rotterdam)
Lords of Metal about our show in Baroeg (Rotterdam)

April 2014

Mark Verver recommends us for Roadburn Day 4

March 2014

Roadburn announcing our performance at the Afterburner


Dutch Chili Fest
Midnight review at Lords of Metal
Kapper Roland interview in De Popei
Suburban Blog
Horns Up (FR) about the Venom-tribute we’re on

October 2014

Deaf Forever Magazine thanks their subscribers with our flexi-disc: 123

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