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Official clip for Samhain

Official clip for Godless Masters, Savage Bastards

Official clip for Black Metal Punks

Official clip for Berserker

Burn The Flames (Roky Erickson), recorded in tribute of the master of psychedelic rock.

Hell’s Rock And Roll (Countess), recorded especially for a split 7″ with Pox.

Sex & Death (Motörhead), released on a split with Pox.

Halloween (Misfits) from the Samhain/Halloween 7″

Peter Pan Speedrock’s Auf Der Axe, from the Peter Pan Speedrock Tribute on Lighttown Fidelity

Misfits’ Skulls, from our split 7″ picture disc with Sabbat

The Devil’s Blood’s It’s On, which has been released as a blood red 7″ flexi-disc by Ván Records (buy your copy here):

Venom’s Countess Bathory, for a Venom-tribute on Evil Spell Records


Blitzkrieg in Black live at Forest Fest Open Air, Chevenez Switzerland (14/07/2018)

I Bring Chaos live at Steelchaos, Helsinki Finland (10/11/2017)

Tyrants of Evil live at the Dynamo Club, Eindhoven Netherlands (07/02/2017)

It’s On live at Torpedo Fest, Wermelskirchen Germany (17/09/2016)

Live at Klok Rock Orange, Eindhoven Netherlands (27/04/2016)

A couple songs we played in Effenaar, Eindhoven, Netherlands (24/07/2015)

Berserker live in Turbinenhalle, Oberhausen, Germany (01/05/2015)

Gods ‘n’ Slaves drumcam in Turbinenhalle, Oberhausen, Germany (01/05/2015)

Timelapse of our show in Willemeen, Arnhem, Netherlands (21/04/2015)

Gods ‘n’ Slaves in Little Devil, Tilburg, Netherlands (28/02/2015)

We Will Destroy in Helvete, Oberhausen, Germany (06/12/2014)

Live at Atelier des Môles in Montbéliard, France (08/11/2014)

Hail The Beast live at Veneration Of The Dead festival in Rotterdam (24/05/2014)

I Got Erection (originally by Turbonegro) live at Roadburn festival in Tilburg (13/04/2014)

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