This week only: special merch offer

Finally we have a website to keep you informed about all the stuff we’re doing, shows we’re going to play and all the other news worth mentioning. Since we feel the need to celebrate our new website, we decided to treat you!

This means a HUGE discount if you buy a CD or LP and a shirt from our webshop. This offer stands until July 20th, 2014, so you have the rest of this week to decide what you want.

Shirt and CD: € 20,-

That’s a pretty sweet deal, right? You save 5 eurobucks!

You can combine any T-shirt with any CD. Use the following coupon code with your order to receive the discount: IGOTERECTION-CD

Shirt and LP: € 20,-

This deal’s even better, since a shirt and an LP normally cost € 28,-. Just choose a shirt and an LP and don’t forget to enter this coupon code to get your discount: IGOTERECTION-LP

Visit the Heretic webshop right now!

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